Ankle fusion (tibio-talar). ProCallus Fixator (90000 series) with Torbay Garches Clamp distally for screws in talus (a, a1 in inset). The Straight Clamp may also be used distally, with one screw in the talus and one screw in the calcaneus (b, b1 in inset) for subtalar/tibio-talar double fusion.


Ankle fusion with TrueLok Fixator and TL RockerRail


Ankle fusion with the Orthofix ankle arthrodesis nail (77000 series).


Ankle fusion using TL-HEX frame and TL RockerRail. To stabilize the bone segment fixation, the TL-HEX ring is connected to TL ring creating a double-ring block. The foot plate is preferably secured with two olive wires in the calcaneus and two olive wires in the metatarsals. A further fixation of the talus using two crossing olive wires is suggested to prevent subtalar joint compression. A TL half ring attached anteriorly to the foot plate is recommended to add stability to the frame.